We both know you WILL 
hit 6-figures...
But I am here to give you the solution to achieve this bodacious goal FASTER WITHOUT COMPROMISING FREEDOM! 

No more circles, no more confusion, no more inconsistent biz income.

You’ve already done what most aren’t willing to do: 
You’ve invested in yourself, done the mindset work, cleared energy blocks to open you up to receive, studied your client avatar, and you’ve courageously offered your services/programs. 
Now it’s time for the NEXT LEVEL! The level to optimize your skillset to be a B.O.S.S, build systems to market for you, make money in your sleep, and allow the world to know you by name! 
CONSISTENT 5-Figure cash months are right at your reach!

Let’s see if Queen Boss Behavior Mastermind is a good fit for you... 
Queen Boss Behavior is a mastermind for women entrepreneurs (Coaches/Consultants/Experts) who are committed to making it rain with IMPACT to become a Queen B.O.S.S! 
It's time to Master Budgets, Operations, Systems, and Sales with our done-for-you services & consulting support!
You can make a few thousand here and there by mistake BUT can you repeat it multiple months then double, triple or even quadruple those results? Can you step away from your business for a few weeks and still monetize? 
This requires Queen Boss Behavior! 
In this 6-month Mastermind
You will build a business that allows you to:




All of our coaching, worksheets, and expert training are designed around these three elements to make it rain with IMPACT and ensure you achieve 6-Figure Queen B.O.S.S status THIS YEAR!
Strong Money Mindset
(beyond affirmations/vision boards)
Magnetic Marketing Message
Irresistible Programs/Services
Why this Mastermind?
Queen, I know you are tired of “fluffed” concepts and information overload in those boring group programs? 
You are ready to put in the work to produce a PROFITABLE & SUSTAINABLE biz THIS YEAR! 
Also, you want to build powerful business systems that produces 100 leads a month and converts passive income all while traveling and not exceeding 25hour work weeks.   

This is why Queen Boss Behavior 6 Month Mastermind INCLUDES a FB Ads Specialist, Copywriter, AND a certfied Brain Recursive Therapy Professional. 

We will set up your profitable funnel while you focus on your zone of genius in producing RESULTS with your clients!
What 6-figures is going to require:
  •  Your total commitment. Building a profitable and sustainable 6-Figure biz that yields $10K or MORE consistently on a monthly basis just doesn’t pop out of the sky and land in your lap. I’ve done it, and it takes laser focus and a commitment to doing the things you’re scared to do.
  •  10-15 hours per week. I will ensure you will not burn yourself out but it will require a strategic plan of action to manage your time so that you do sacrifice freedom! You may have to invest more/less during launches, but its so worth it because you will have solid framework that pays you over and over again. 
  •  A financial investment. The cost of this mastermind is not cheap but it’s a steal in comparison to how long and how hard you will work to get to 6-Figures without it. If you expect to grow a 6-Figure Empire on a shoe string budget then this mastermind is not for you. We will work on identifying the fastest path possible to accelerate your biz revenue so that you see a return on your investment. 

What you are going to get out of it:
  •  A Profitable Funnel built and tested by TQA staff to produce at least 100 leads a month 
  •  Bi-Weekly Mastermind Revenue Acceleration Calls
  •  Exact plan of action to get to 6-Figures in one year, and the support and accountability you need to do those steps
  • Straight to the point mentorship from me, Erica Stepteau. If I accept you in Queen Boss Behavior that means I 1000% believe in your business and your potential, I am going to give it to you straight because I know you don’t have time for games. 
  •  If this sounds like the solution you have been seeking to achieve your first 6-Figures than read further…

Space is limited for this Mastermind. 
I want to be SUPER clear regarding who this program is for. 
Please apply if...
  •  You need a mastermind with other Queen Bosses who are as serious as you are. This is the real deal. Every Queen in this group is going to build a Profitable 6-Figure business. 
  •  You are willing to invest time, money and mental toughness in the development of your six-figure business. I can help you figure out what to invest in, but you have to be willing to spend.
  •  You’ve obtained a few clients so far and have a good idea about the line of work you want to pursue to solve your client’s problem. 
  •  You want to get to $100K in revenue, but you don’t have a clear plan of how to do that.

Please do not apply if...
  •  You are just getting started and haven’t actually sold anything yet. (Don’t worry, I have other resources for you, but this program isn’t it).
  • You have been in other masterminds and haven’t made the time to do the work, show up for the calls, or interact with the other participants.

About Erica
Erica Stepteau is more than a sales coach; she’s a catalyst, pushing her tribe into their purpose and ushering them into their divine destiny. She is a speaker, best-selling author and affectionately known as the “Queen of Sales Coaching” by her clients. 

She is the founder of the Tenacious Queens Academy, an online community committed to helping 1 million heart-centered, women entrepreneurs master the art of selling with ease, so they can increase their impact and multiply their money - without sacrificing their freedom.

Her signature system combines actionable business strategies with a dose of energetic and inspirational messaging, and helps women business leaders radically shift their money mindset, optimize their offers, confidently communicate their value and uncover their profit potential.  

She has been featured on HER Magazine, ABC, NBC, FOX News and CBS, and her dynamic approach to sales coaching has taken hundreds of women entrepreneurs from overworked and underpaid, to well-compensated and highly-respected experts in their industries. 

What's the process?


Apply to this mastermind. Only apply if you are ready NOW to join. 
The investment is $6,000 pay in full (Save 33%) OR (6) pays of $1,500 


If you are a good fit for this program, we will reach out to you and schedule a call.


Once you are admitted, you'll be onboarded into the program
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